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Pancha Karma

Integrative Pancha Karma


Cleansing and detoxifying the body are part of the core philosophies subscribed to by Naturopaths and the Herbalists. In addition, there are many complementary and functional health care providers such as Nutritionists, Chiropractors, and Alternative Medical Doctors that now accept these same philosophies. In my opinion as a researcher and complementary healthcare practitioner for many years, the Pancha Karma cleansing programs of the 5,000 year old Ayurvedic sciences are some of the most advanced systems to return the body to its most wholesome and uncontaminated origins. Pancha Karma is the seasonal purification process, which is the backbone of Ayurvedic Health Care.


The rational behind seasonal cleansing programs is based upon the primary Doshas (i.e., the elements of air and ether as Vata/wind/motion, fire and water as Pitta/Bile/transformation and water and earth as Kapha/phlegm/stability) and the corresponding accumulation of these Doshas within the bodily tissues during each season. This continual accretion of Doshas can block energy channels and interfere with proper circulation throughout the body. The build-up of Doshas is best understood with the analogy that if you only add water to a tub, it will overflow. Doshas are similar except that they overflow into places where they do not belong. Such hostile invasion into unprepared territory is a primary cause of disease and unstable lifestyles. Pancha Karma relieves the overflow and stress of the elements, and enables the person to better adapt with seasonal changes. The sacred self is able to return or better maintain an improved level of homeostasis.

Pancha Karma offers one of the most comprehensive methods of removing toxins from the body. This method seeks to reverse the direction of disease, deny it from manifesting itself, redirect disorders back into the blood stream, and eventually deposit the toxins into the gastrointestinal tract, the origin of the disease process, where they can be eliminated. This cleansing process is achieved through several protocols such as special diets, oilation therapy, steam therapy and cleansing therapies. Near the conclusion of the therapy, special attention is given to purgation, blood donating, or enema therapy and the need for such treatments depending on the Ayurvedic practitioner’s assessment via pulse, tongue, urine, palpation etc. of unbalanced Doshas or as required to eliminate toxins residing in the gastrointestinal tract through this process.

Pancha Karma strengthens the system and rebuilds the body’s cells and tissues after the toxins have been expelled.


Some of the Benefits of Pancha Karma: Healing and restoration of the tissues, channels, digestion, and mental functions.


Therapies are given to strengthen the body part or organ system affected by the illness so that it will be more resistant to further illness.


Pancha Karma has two forms: When the patient is weak and the disease is strong, precautions are used and palliation or nourishing therapies, such as priority therapies of oilation and enema therapy, are the main focal point.

When the patient is strong and the disease is weak, reducing or detoxifying therapies, such as drying, sweating, and the use of astringents, which balances the flow of body fluids, is the priority 

Pancha Karma emulates the best methods of nature to assist in the process of healing and safe detoxification.

Traditional therapies consist of:


All these therapies start off with Cranial massage and foot massage. This decreases any potential for side effects such as headaches, sluggishness and GI distress.


Abhyanga- this is external oilation including foot reflexology and cranial massage, a unique herbal oil massage using two Ayurvedic practitioners. It is designed to deeply moisturize the skin, break up toxins and stimulates circulation. It enhances immunity and creates relaxation in the mind and body.

Garshana- silk glove massage enlivens, revitalizes, enhances circulation and is excellent for mobilizing the lymphatic system.

Udvartana- herbql paste massage for aiding in the removal of toxic lymphatic congestion and enhancing toxic elimination through skin.

Udvartina for lymphatics –herbal paste consisting of Manjista and sometimes tumeric applied to all major lymphatic regions with hot towel compresses. Garshana is done prior to this therapy to address superficial lymphs. Abhyanga and Swedna is done after the lymphatic paste.

Vishesh – deep muscle massage with hot towel rubdown. This treatment is stimulating and cleansing. Great for the Kapha in the group.


Swedna – Herbalized Steam therapy. Steam Therapy removes mental, emotional, and physical toxins lodged deep within the tissues. This is usually done with most other treatments.


Shirodhara- This process consists of pouring warm oil over the third eye. This process expands consciousness, synchronizes brain waves and coordinates body and mind and increases spiritual energy

Nasaya - This therapy involves oilation of the Coronal sutures, sinus regions and occipital region, along with the application of Essential oils to facial marma points. It includes Swedana therapy. This treatment combats the deep dryness that exists at the root of many respiratory and allergic conditions. Increases Prana, the vial life force.


Marma - Marma points refer to the junction sites of the five organic principles of muscles, vessels, ligaments, bones, and joints. These junctures form the seat of the vital life force or Prana. At these junctures, the vessels enter the organisms to supply moisture and nutrients. Physical or energetic obstructions brought on by injury or Emotions or AMA (undigested food) of any of these points will create a blockage of vital energy that may cause a variety of diseases. This therapy involves a light pressure applied to each appropriate marma using a base oil with essential oils.  




Herbal tonics/purgatives/detoxifiers

Non-Traditional Therapies we integrate into our Pancha Karma:


Psychosomatic Energetics- this process addresses the menta/spiritual component of illness.The Emotional conflict that causes dysfunction with Autonomic Segments (Chakras)


ART (Autonomic response therapy)- Assessment of Autonomic System response, this determines the body’s ability to self regulate.


STO- STO is a form of vibrational medicine that uses hand spectrum energies to drain and cleanse organs and soft tissue in the body. This technique reconnects information gathering cells to innate intelligence to balance the mental, physical, spiritual triune of well-being.

B.A.H and ACMOS - Bioresonance Analysis of Health and Analysis of the Compatibility of Matter on the organism and its synergy. See Clinical services for more explanation.

Homeopathy/homotoxicology- This system is based on Homotoxicology according to Reckenweg. Preparations are composed of combinations of homeopathic substances. These substances cause shifting of disease from one phase to another by stimulating the excretion of toxic componants and by relieving blockages due to physiological metabolical process chains.

Biological remedies, InfraRed, Airnergy treatments (oxygen facilitation), are also part of our integrative PK program.


Unfortunately, many of the detoxification programs people try only address one system at a time. Prevailing detoxification programs only deals with a singular item such as liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, or blood and bowel cleanse. If one of the eliminative systems is sluggish, it is almost a guarantee that the other systems are functioning sub-optimally as well. To help with removing toxins, fasting is usually recommended regardless of the time of year or condition of the patient. Fasting at the wrong time of the year can drastically disturb the nervous system. One of the greatest aspects of Integrative Pancha Karma is that it addresses all the systems. Not only does Pancha Karma seek to help the person attain wellness, the process of oilation protects the nervous system. One of the key points to better understand how Pancha Karma integrates its health sciences is by awareness of how lipids are the main transport mechanism for toxins and are crucial to Cell to Cell communication.


Cleanse the body, Awaken your consciousness


Pancha Karma accelerates the transformation of energy and decreases the excess doshas (air, ether, water, fire and earth)


The ideal Integrative Pancha Karma therapy is done for a minimum of 7 days around the seasonal change. Four - five of these days in office treatments are preformed;A mono diet and meditation are done during this process. BAH Testing, Herbals, Oxygen facilitation, Homotoxic and Biological remedies are also part of the process and Embodiment Therapy is usually recommended mid week


Pancha Karma Comprehensive Day treatment– this includes evaluation/assessment, Abyanga or Udvartina, Swedna, and shirodara with a protocol for the season $380.00 hands on services and evaluation takes 2-3 hours). TD Scan is discounted to $40.00 also. B.A.H testing is also done (additional cost). Most patients finish out the week doing an at home PK with instructions from Dr. Linda.


Single treatments of any of the above mentioned Ayurvedic hands on therapies   or Shirodara are also available on an ongoing basis with Dr. Linda and her Ayurvedic Technician, Kathleen. Costs range from $220 - $380.00. Single Shirodara treatments are $90.00 (these prices do not include assessment or any integrative services.  Call for more information


Marma Therapy is one of the treatments highly recommended by Dr. Linda.  Marma'a are pressure points that are considered vulnerable and sensitive zones.  The Chinese Meridian system originated from this science,  Marmas are part of a greater "sacred philosophy" that maps out the body according to subtle energy currents and power points. Marma's serve as switches that connect vital organs, subtle nerves, energy centers, vessels, joints etc. The process of Marma can be done as a single therapy with profound results OR as part of Pancha Karma.  As an individual treatment (includes Abyhanga Swedana and Shirodara) the cost is $345.00 for a 2 hour process. B.A.H. assessment is also done.


Pancha Karma is offered in the Stow office on a continual basis.

For Additional information contact Dr. Reynolds at:

or 978-298-5753.


Literature is available for a more extensive view of the actual process.


                                                               Pancha Karma

A personalized cleansing and rejuvenation program. The most potent healing modality within Ayurveda. Benefits: *Cleanse the body and mind of disease causing toxins. *Become resistant to higher levels of stress. *Feel and look younger. *Strengthen the immune system. *Experience deep states of relaxation and bliss. *Gain greater energy, vitality and mental clarity. 

Pancha Karma: The Process The goal of Ayurvedic practices is to establish the ability to live every aspect of life to its fullest, in complete conscious connection to nature’s infinite intelligence, a state often referred to as enlightenment. There is an extreme connection between the processes occurring in nature and those going on inside our bodies. A good indication of ones health is how we adapt to seasonal changes. Pancha Karma (the science of rejuvenation) sets the momentum for obtaining a life of harmony. Dr. Reynolds offers an Integrative form of this ancient process. Using some of the most advanced technologies. Airnergy: oxygen facilitation. This device regulates the autonomic nervous system and increases Prana. Reba assessment: the key in finding and treating emotional conflicts. Biological assessment: dealing with viral, fungal and bacterial conditions. Nutritional Biochemistry and Homotoxicology. 
ABHYANGA (Ayurvedic hands on treatment) A two person choreographed warm herbal oil whole body treatment that is designed to bring nourishment to the tissues, deep relaxation to the muscles and calmness to the mind. Because each body type is unique, the oil combinations are blended to meet your special needs. 
SWEDANA (steam tent) Following your treatment the steam tent will leave you feeling clear, rejuvenated and deeply moisturized. Medicinal herbs like lavender, chamomile, calamus and eucalyptus help clear the channels, relax the muscles and nurture the senses. 
SHIRODHARA (oil over third eye) A profound treatment that works specifically on balancing and stabilizing the activity of the mind. Warm sesame oil is beautifully streamed over the third eye, taking you on a journey deep within. Other treatments may include: • Marma point therapy – marma points are power points located on the body that are areas of concentrated life-force energy. This will help balance the flow of energy through the muscles, joints and organs of the body. • Nasya – heat applied to the forehead and face (sinus), and then specific oils inhaled through the nostrils to purify the sinuses. • Garshana – Starting with silk gloves then exfoliating herbs are used with this hands on therapy. This rids the skin of dead cells and stimulates the lymphatic circulation. 

Services offered by: Linda J. Reynolds, Ph.D.,D.Ay. Susan Steele MT, Anna Maria SanAntonia MT  and/or Kathleen Reynolds, Ayurvedic Technicians/Assistant.
Locations in: Stow, MA Call 978-298-5753 or email:
Housing is offered for the week long process 3 miles from office for those who are traveling a distance.


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