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Well Patient Journey

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                                                       The Journey of the Well Patient
Article #1

Quantum Healing as a process

BAH (Bioresonance of Health) which falls under the category of Quantum Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine are unlike other forms of Alternative Medicine. They are based on the laws of physics and universal truth. A very non linear approach.

It is a Quantum view of all of our systems, Emotional body, Energy Body, Physical body, Spiritual Body and Miasmatic (Genetic predisposition) and the interaction and synergy between them all. Everything is connected.

This form of Quantum Healing is a process and it is based on the Reading of the DNA in ones blood. The test prioritizes where to start in one’s health journey. And it is a journey.

My belief after 31 years of Clinical work is that our bodies reflect our emotional over-connection and our spiritual disconnection. These are the true seeds of disease. Over time these molecules of emotion take hold in the physical body leading the way for dis-ease.

Through the Process of BAH one starts to eliminate what I call the “Static” that prevents the natural process of innate intelligence (body’s ability to heal itself). This Static prevents one from being intuitive, in other words, to know what they need at any given time to support their body, mind and spirit, and to master the art of being in tune with Nature. 

BAH/Quantum Healing process gets us to the place of clarity which allows us to choose what serves us  and our souls path and by doing this we are more likely to find our divine nature. By synchronizing all of our systems: physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual and miasmatic we can truly learn to live in the moment and eradicate the suffering we so much live with on this planet.

Once we clear and re-integrate these systems we can focus on a more sustainable life style. This is where the Ayurvedic System comes in. Ayurveda means “Science of Life” a true Medical Intuitive art and one of the oldest medical systems in existence. Unfortunately within the traditional teachings issues that plague our culture are not addressed. Such as: EMF pollution (cathodic, WIFI, High tension wires etc), the 11,000 chemicals in our food and water supply and our environment, the over prescribing of medications and their side effects, and Heavy Metal burden). This is where Quantum Medicine comes in. Even though both systems are based on the laws of physics Quantum Medicine addresses the issues that were just not around 5000 years ago and are major obstacles to us maintaining Equanimity.

We all know that Alopathic Medicine (Traditional American Medicine) is only taught to treat symptoms, that is their role, the system they are governed by does not allow them to go further than that. And surprisingly enough most Alternative Medical practitioners are doing the same. Granted they are using more natural methods and remedies but the priority for most is to manage the symptoms that plague us especially if the physical body is the priority. By doing this form of treatment we can feel better but most of the time it is short lived because we have not addressed the true underlying cause which in many cases is multi dimensional. There is a place for symptomatic treatment especially if the primary symptoms are impeding one overall sense of well being. The objective in quantum medicine is to restore not just treat. 


 Article #2

Environmental Pollution such as Chemical and heavy metal toxicity:

Phthalates, carbon based chemicals, pesticides, mercury, cadmium, lead and a long list of others. These elements are at much higher levels then ever before. Links between exposure to such toxic substances and the development of  diseases such as cancer, sterility, ADHD, and endocrine related disturbances have become increasingly clear. Many books have been written pertaining to this; one of the more recent publications  “Our Stolen Future” redefined the subject of toxic pollution. Another major health concern is Smart Waves. This is Electromagnetic stress.


Dr. Reynolds main concern, is how to increase ones own ability to detoxify. Can we move through the conflicts and inprints we have over attached to for many years that has mainly contirbuted to our toxic state and Do we have the chemistry and metabolism that would allow us to detoxify naturally without harm to the patient/client?

Article #3



One of the several forms of autointoxication is brought on by residue of in-completely assimilated food (often originates from psychosomatic issues). The un-digested food may be treated as an antigen- a foreign substance- and targeted by your immune system. If so, antibodies are built to attack it, and the merging of the antigen molecules with the large antibodies attacking them swells the mass of substance that lodge in tissues and obstruct normal functioning and also allow for a more dense accumulation of heavy metals and other listed toxins.

Digestion and it efficiency is a priority. All aspects of digestion will need to be addressed in these toxic situations. Especially addressing the suppressed emotions we cling to.


The most important question we ask during intake: Is the patient stronger than the disease or is the disease stronger than the patient.


All major classical schools of medicine – including Chinese traditional medicine, anthroposophical medicine, as well as the spagyric / Paracelsian school of thought – understand illness as a disturbance in humans of the harmony of forms (Sulfur) and powers (Sal and Mercury). By virtue of spagyric self-healing, humans can find their way back to individual harmony of mind (spirit), body and soul.

A spagyric laboratory that represents one great entity, from the first to the last step of production, is a jewel in the world of medicinal production. Rudolf Steiner once pointed out that the laboratory table must someday become an altar.

Existence is based upon dual polarity:

The SOL-principle, also known as yang or the archetypal masculine, is generally active and shaping in its effects. The sun, man, gold, the mental-emotional sphere and the upper-winged dragon are images of this dominating polar principle.
The LUNA-principle, also known as yin and the archetypal feminine, is generally patient and receptive. The moon, woman, silver, the body and the lower-winged dragon are images of this principle.

In the natural life rhythms of day and night, the seasons and years, SOL and LUNA blend and separate continually. As a result, life and the spagyric process direct the two poles towards an inseparable and perfect unity – SOLUNA.

The alchemist follows the process of transformation, which nature unveils, so that he can ennoble the substances of nature in his laboratory in similar fashion. With this goal in mind,
Alexander von Bernus linked various laboratory operations into a unique spagyric process. In the rhythm of this process, SOL (the fine-matter homeopathic principle) is continually separated (“spa”) from LUNA (the dense-matter phytotherapeutic principle) and then recombined (“gyric”) with it. In this way, the Soluna Remedies are refined and alchemically potentiated in a step by step manner and so brought to the predestined perfection indicated by Alexander von Bernus: SOLUNA.

The term “Spagyric” stems from the two Greek words “spáein” (to separate) and “ágeirein” (to join). As a result of continuous rhythmic separation, and of again conjoining, an enhancement in quality results. The term “Spagyric” expresses the universal method of positive advancement – Spagyric is accordingly a learning process.

Spagyric in nature demonstrates a diurnal and annual rhythm. During the daytime, the expansion characteristic of the daylight hours takes place: warming and activity. During the night, the densification peculiar to these hours occurs: cooling and regeneration. During the spring and summer months, we observe annual expansion that entails warming and activity, with annual densification occurring during the fall and winter months of the year.

The perpetually continuing spagyric learning process is circulatory in nature. Each cyclical passage has two phases.

In the first expansive phase, the bond of the spiritual to the material is loosened. The cosmo-teluric vital power bound to the loosened, or “molten,” material can thus be purified, and is thereby exalted.

In the second phase, the bond of the exalted spirit to the material is strengthened once again. The exalted spirit thereby forms the dense matter to its own exalted form of being, or signature. “As the spirit within, so the material without.” Within the course of this densification phase, the spirit effects transmutation of the material.

The practitioner uses this spagyric nature process as a paradigm and directs his efforts toward this model

The Art of a permanent Cure
The growing field of holistic healing is exploring the mystery of human potential from psychological and spiritual perspectives, while also seeking to develop medicinal tools and practical capacities to restore the body and mind in order to enable the fulfillment of life, which stems from the soul. Homeopathy is one of the most valuable of those tools; it improves the prospects of those who suffer from both acute and chronic diseases by means of improving the human condition





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