Combining the intuitive art of Ayurveda with new quantum technologies


Dr. Linda combines Ayurvedic and Quantum Medicine to create a more sustainable and ethical healthcare paradigm.

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What is Quantum Healing?


Based on the universal laws of physics, Quantum Medicine treats all parts of the body as one interactive system. This includes the physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and genetic aspects of the self. This is intuitive medicine.

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Welcome to the peak of summer


Learn more about the doshas and your body constitution from Dr. Linda's newsletter. We are now in the peak of Summer, known as Pitta. There are many ways to thrive during this season and stay healthy throughout the year!

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Time to Detox!


 Most effective and safe form of Detox is the combination of Polychromatic Lights with a Platinum Energy Foot bath. Schedule several sessions over the next few months. You will get more toxins out this way than any other process!

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