Combining the intuitive art of Ayurveda with new quantum technologies

Pancha Karma

Personalized cleansing and rejuvenation program


Pancha Karma is the most potent healing modality within Ayurveda.


The Benefits: 

*Cleanse the body and mind of disease causing toxins. 

*Become resistant to higher levels of stress. 

*Feel and look younger. 

*Strengthen the immune system.

*Experience deep states of relaxation and bliss. 

*Gain greater energy, vitality and mental clarity. 

The goal of Ayurvedic practices is to establish the ability to live every aspect of life to its fullest, in complete conscious connection to nature’s infinite intelligence. A good indication of ones health is how we adapt to seasonal changes. Pancha Karma (the science of rejuvenation) sets the momentum for obtaining a life of harmony. Dr. Linda offers an Integrative form of this ancient process, using some of the most advanced technologies. 

Traditional Therapies


  • Abhyanga - this is external oilation including foot reflexology and cranial massage, a unique herbal oil massage using two Ayurvedic practitioners. It is designed to deeply moisturize the skin, break up toxins and stimulates circulation. It enhances immunity and creates relaxation in the mind and body. 
  • Garshana - silk glove massage enlivens, revitalizes, enhances circulation and is excellent for mobilizing the lymphatic system.
  • Udvartana- herbal paste massage for aiding in the removal of toxic lymphatic congestion and enhancing toxic elimination through skin.
  • Vishesh – deep muscle massage with hot towel rubdown. This treatment is stimulating and cleansing. Great for the Kapha in the group.
  • Swedna – Herbalized Steam therapy. Steam Therapy removes mental, emotional, and physical toxins lodged deep within the tissues. This is usually done with most other treatments. 
  • Shirodhara- This process consists of pouring warm oil over the third eye. This process expands consciousness, synchronizes brain waves and coordinates body and mind and increases spiritual energy
  • Nasaya - This therapy involves oilation of the Coronal sutures, sinus regions and occipital region, along with the application of essential oils to facial marma points. It includes Swedana therapy. This treatment combats the deep dryness that exists at the root of many respiratory and allergic conditions. Increases Prana, the vial life force.
  • Marma - Marma points refer to the junction sites of the five organic principles of muscles, vessels, ligaments, bones, and joints. These junctures form the seat of the vital life force or Prana. At these junctures, the vessels enter the organisms to supply moisture and nutrients. Physical or energetic obstructions brought on by injury or Emotions or AMA (undigested food) of any of these points will create a blockage of vital energy that may cause a variety of diseases. This therapy involves a light pressure applied to each appropriate marma using a base oil with essential oils.  

Integrative Pancha Karma


Cleanse the body, awaken your consciousness

Many of the detoxification programs people try only address one system at a time. If one of the eliminative systems is sluggish, it is almost a guarantee that the other systems are functioning sub-optimally as well. One of the greatest aspects of Integrative Pancha Karma is that it addresses all the systems. Pancha Karma seek to help the person attain wellness through a process that protects the nervous system.

The ideal Integrative Pancha Karma therapy is done for a minimum of 7 days around the seasonal change. Four - five of these days in office treatments are preformed;A mono diet and meditation are done during this process. BAH Testing, Herbals, Oxygen facilitation, Homotoxic and Biological remedies are also part of the process and Embodiment Therapy is usually recommended mid week.

Pancha Karma Services

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